☽Made with Mystery☾


Fermentation is the fifth step of alchemy, a transformational process that at one time was as much philosophy and art as it was a forerunner to science. HOSA fosters that timeless mission and brings it to life. We make fermented hot sauce with very few ingredients and a lot of patience, to get that heat and magic to your kitchen and table.

A complex and powerful condiment for snacks and meals, our sauces and spices add slow-cooked character with acidic heat to any of your favorite recipes.

HOSA is woman owned and operated, small batch, fermented, Louisiana-style hot sauce made in the Pacific Northwest by visual artists turned alchemists. We value art, honest food, ecological sustainability, human rights, and the power of food to bring people together. Our short and understandable list of ingredients add up to sauces and spices that are full of flavor, vegan, gluten free*, and totally nutritious. Each screen-printed bottle and jar of HOSA is made with love and a bit of magic, turning chiles+vinegar+salt into gold.


Primarily grown by local organic farms.


Currently evolving our own mother source.


Sun dried waters of San Juan Islands.


Organic brown sugar when necessary.

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You May Have Questions

Here are some common questions; check our FAQ for more.

Is HOSA gluten-free/vegan?


Hosa is naturally vegan and *gluten-free.

*Our sauces are free of gluten, with one exception. The Teacher may contain immeasurable amounts of barley gluten as a result of the addition of malt vinegar, even after several fermentation processes, dilution, acidification, and hours of cooking at high temperatures.

Where do you source your ingredients?


Our salt comes from San Juan Island, where the sun dries the ocean waters that we share. Most of our chiles are grown for us by nearby organic farms in the Skagit Valley and Everson.

Should I refrigerate my HOSA?


Our fermentation process creates a robust flavor but your HOSA is no longer a live culture and is high in acid, so it does not need to be refrigerated.

Shipping is expensive, can I pick up from you locally?


Yes, we appreciate the direct support! Our kitchen is located in downtown Bellingham and free pickup is available at our fantastic neighbor's storefront, Champlin Guitars, during their normal business hours Tuesday-Sunday. We are both located in the alleyway above the Farmer's Market. [Directions here.]

We know shipping is an unfortunate expense so we do all we can to use the most affordable shipping for your order. We reduce our environmental impact and costs by gathering used shipping materials from local businesses and re-use them for our mail orders. While large online retailers are able to absorb shipping costs, smaller companies like ours can be terribly damaged by those fees. Local pickup and delivery are a great alternatives to shipping.