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What We Do And Who We Are

HOSAco was founded November 2016, in Bellingham WA, by Andy Beer, Jacob Covey, and Brent Cole. We became a two man operation after Brent decided to pursue other projects in early 2019, but his influence still remains in the world of HOSA!

In Bellingham, Andy makes and sells each bottle of HOSA by hand, while constantly dreaming up new ways to try and save the world; while Jacob works from his Seattle home as our Creative Director, designing our brand, managing our social media channels, and talking Andy out of some of his crazier ideas. Both creators by trade, we work to showcase the balance of our individual skills to form something bigger than the sum of its parts.

Like our partnership, fermentation is also collaborative by nature. The breakdown of chiles creates a robust environment for healthy bacteria to thrive, making for a deep, satisfying hot sauce. By using only core ingredients—various types of chiles, vinegar, salt, and sometimes sugar—HOSA showcases complex flavors in simple recipes. It works as an ingredient as well as a condiment with whatever you eat. 

We strive to surprise people with our craft hot sauces and we enjoy partnering with interesting people to do it. We'll be teaming up with publishers, record labels, artists, and other creative folks to bring creative collaboration to kitchens and tables everywhere. 


Andy and Jacob


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