The Teacher

The Teacher

Existence is suffering but not without purpose. Like the lesson of Icarus, we learn from the challenges put before us and calibrate accordingly... or not.

Ingredient Focus: Bhut Jolokia, aka Ghost Pepper

Famously the World's Hottest Pepper (though since dethroned), we offset the smoky Bhut Jolokia with rich, aged balsamic vinegar to create a surprisingly complex flavor profile. Invigorating in moderation, this sauce is for those who seek chile euphoria.

Contains San Juan Sea Salt and balsamic vinegar sourced by local importer, Drizzle.

HOSA heat scale: 10/10

This product is an 8 oz screenprinted bottle with metal screw cap. 
Note: This is the soft launch of a potential year-round sauce. This run is limited.