Limited Edition - Young Giant

Limited Edition - Young Giant

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Part of our “Giant” lineage of sauces, Young Giant retains many qualities of 2018’s Red Giant as a brash yet inviting sauce. We held two years of cayenne harvests, then blended them alongside Krimzon Lee chiles in a short ferment. Chiles grown by our local partner farm, Cloud Mountain.

Ingredient Focus: Cayenne 

Cayennes are a workhorse group of chiles. With flavors ranging from earthy to sweet and sizes from small to large, this medium-hot chile family is the first choice for many spicy dishes around the world.

HOSA heat scale: 5/10

This product is an 8 oz screenprinted bottle with removable flip-top cap. 
Note: This is a limited edition sauce made in a low run. Most limited edition sauces will never be made again.