Limited Edition — The Scoundrels 2019

Limited Edition — The Scoundrels 2019

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The Scoundrels will return in the Fall of 2020

Every autumn, Everson's Cloud Mountain Farm Center harvests Thai and Cayenne chiles for this special Anniversary sauce, a HOSAco family favorite. Using these special chiles mixed with kosher salt, brown sugar and apple cider vinegar, The Scoundrels is savory, sweet, and remarkably flexible. Use it on everything from rice noodles to pizza, or even as a marinade.

Ingredient Focus: Thai Chiles, Brown Sugar

Sweet, Sour, and Umami tastes blend seamlessly with the elevated natural heat of Thai chiles to create an earthy, warming presence that's tempered with decadent brown sugar. This is a dynamic kitchen companion that may become your everyday table sauce.

HOSA heat scale: 6/10.

This product is an 8 oz screenprinted bottle with a metal screw cap. 
Note: This is a seasonal release, made one time a year in limited quantities.
Once sold out, it will not return until the fall of each year.