Limited Edition — Hot Earth 2020

Limited Edition — Hot Earth 2020

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Fresh and fruity couples with smoldering intensity in this limited run sauce. Hot Earth features a selection of dried and ripe chiles grown by Slanted Sun Farms and Cloud Mountain Farm Center fermented with San Juan Sea Salt, and finally blended with apple cider vinegar before bottling.

Ingredient Focus: Maya Habanero 

The "Maya Habanero" is a red habanero pod, a fruitier and slightly less hot variant of the classic orange pod. This winter seasonal is crafted for cold weather foods like roasted root vegetables, soups, and chili, as well as year round comfort classics like jambalaya, pizza,and wings.

HOSA heat scale: Medium/Hot
Note: This is a seasonal release, made one time a year in limited quantities.
Once sold out, it will not return until next winter.