Seasonal Release - The Scoundrels

Seasonal Release - The Scoundrels

This HOSAco staff favorite is a sign of another year past. Each year we look forward to Cloud Mountain Farm Center’s harvest, so we may prepare to celebrate our company’s anniversary with this sweet and spicy kitchen companion.

Ingredient Focus: Thai Chiles, Brown Sugar

Of the five basic flavor profiles - Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, and Umami - three are focused within The Scoundrels. Sweet, Sour, and Umami seamlessly blend with the elevated natural heat of thai chiles to create an earthy, warming presence with a lively decadence invited by brown sugar.

Our thai and cayenne chiles are grown by the talented farmers at Cloud Mountain Farm Center, blended with local San Juan Sea Salt, and fermented. After fermentation, the blend is mixed with brown sugar and apple cider vinegar, making The Scoundrels a great case for spicing up BBQ sauce as well as other marinades and glazes.

HOSA heat scale: 6/10.

This product is an 8 oz screenprinted bottle with removable flip-top cap. 
Note: This is a seasonal release, made one time a year in limited quantities. Once sold out, it will not return until Fall of each year. The 2019 edition of The Scoundrels will be released in our new screen printed bottles November, 2019.